offers the non-bank consumer lending platform, where one can get the loan from a group of lenders online. Continue reading even if one has bad credit score. LoanDepot offers a complete new form of refinancing. personal & home loans. However if you are interested in any of the product from LoanDepot then you can check the online loan application & loan approval process.

The Loan Depot is a national lender that provides various loans to its customers. The major names of branches of loan depot are, Mortgage Master, LD Wholesale. It was launched in 2010 and offers the mortgage and personal loans. The borrower will get their interest rates for the mortgage refinance and personal loans by visiting the website of the Loan Depot They also offer loan to purchase a new home. Also, the review of customers about this company is  superb. The customers really trusted it a lot.

Types of Loans

If the borrower wants to go for luxury vacation, to pay off any medical expenses, then they should apply for the Personal loan offered by the The interest rates for the personal loan are low and reasonable. Loan depot offers personal loan, mortgage, and loan for home improvements in all 50 states. If the borrower wants to buy a house or make some  home improvements, then  Loan Depot mortgage, Home Equity and personal loans are available for them. Also, the process of applying for the loan is  simple and less time taking. You can apply for the loan online by visiting their website or also by calling their customer service representative.

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The borrower can get the money up to $35,000 by applying for the Personal loan. There is no need of the collateral and also no hidden fees while applying for the Loan Depot Personal loan. You can get the $250,000 with Home Equity loan. The interest rates are kept low. This loan term is for the 15 years. There are also the fixed monthly payments.

LoanDepot Mortgage Calculator

Lone depot has the Calculator, that finds the current mortgage rates for the borrowers. It will require some personal information to determine the rate. This will give the idea about the mortgage rate if you are applying for the term of 15 or 20 years. It also gives the idea about the best loan for which the borrower can qualify.

How can I Apply for The Loan

As you know the process of applying for the loan is much easier than the other process of loan offered by lenders. The borrower can apply for the loan by filling the application form available on the website of the Loan Depot. Answer the few questioned and get your rate.

The interest rates are a bit higher for the one’s who have bad credit. Then, submit the application form and attach the required documents. After the process of approval, you will get the amount of a loan from the Loan Depot.

How to Contact Loan Depot

You can get the information about the loan and their terms and conditions by visiting the website of the Loan Depot. The website of the Loan depot is The contact number of the loan depot is 888-983-3240. Their branches open from Monday to Saturday.

You can visit these branches to get information from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. The complete address of the main office of the Loan Depot is; Loan Depot, 26642 Towne Centre Drive, Foot Hill Ranch, CA 92610.

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