LendEDU – Student Loan Refinancing & Debt Consolidation

LendEDU helps a huge number of people with the student loan despite of bad credit profile. LendEDU offers loan approval with bad credit, which is a difficult task with other lenders. You can also enjoy debt consolidation and refinancing of your student loans with LendEDU, if interested in that here is loan application process. LendEDU is an online marketplace for student loans. It is a best source for Student Loan Refinancing and a saving point for student debt consolidation.

Nate Matherson and Matt Lenhard had founded LendEDU in 2014 based in California with headquarters located in Mountain View. For refinancing of student loan, this organization is an online marketplace. Those students who are looking to refinance their loans, Lend EDU helps them to meet with the lenders.

Applicant just needs to fill a single application form. Moreover this website will provide the applicant with different borrow rates from multiple lenders around. Credit rating of the applicant is not even hurt because LendEDU has been using soft credit inquiry to carry out the process. To consult further details like reviews, financial literacy resources and guides, please have a look at www.lendedu.com

LendEDU Launch

The financial assistance program has also been provided by LendEDU for employees and it does offer up to $2000 per month for their student loan debts. LendEDU has transformed the loan market because of its uniqueness to consolidate the student loans. Before the introduction of LendEDU, to refinance the student loan debt, one needed to look for multiple lenders. Just to get the reasonable rate which was really hectic and time consuming.

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Student Loan Application Online

How LendEDU Works For Student Loan Refinancing & Debt Consolidation?

One must needs to have complete info on how LendEDU works. Lend EDU is the marketplace where we allow the students to refinance the loans by just a single and very easy submission. The student will be able to compare with 12 different loan lenders. For all those applicants who have qualified, rate uses to start as low as just 2.13%.

Lend EDU has got the enough fame to work with all renowned student loan lenders which includes U-fi, Common Bond, iHelp, College Ave Student loans, Lend Key, Up start, Education success loans, DRB and SoFi. Along with the refinancing of student loans and low cost student loans, LendEDU is providing you with multiple student loan tools such as loan payment calculator, repayment calculator and some versatile tips that can help you in personal finance.

LendEDU Scholarship for Education

With increasing costs of Education and rise in the tuition fee, it has become difficult for parents to educate their children. It provides students with multiple other sources of funding before he actually uses student loan debt. Financial aid and scholarships have made it easier for students to excel.

Scholarships are basically free money and they are not supposed to be paid back like student loans. Lend EDU has come up with new scholarship award of $1000. This scholarship is enough to help you with all of your education expenses.

Loan Application Online For LendEDU Refinancing and Eligibility

All those students who are currently enrolled in college or either they are high school seniors this scholarship is for them. The applicant must fulfill the following criteria to secure this scholarship:

–    Person must either be a full time college student or a high school senior.

–    He must be a citizen of the United States.

–    He must have earned a minimum of 2.5 GPA in college or high school.

LendEDU always facilitates the students by offering scholarship before student loan and an applicant needs to answer the certain question before applying.

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