Citibank Personal Loans

Citibank personal loans or personal line of credit gives you competitive rates for the funds which you need. The low APR is an attractive feature, while applying for this flexible loan option, learn the application process in detail. If one have bad credit history, then it may be difficult to carry on with Citibank, however there are other options available. There are lots of options when you are looking for a personal loan. But you have to decide that which option is best for you.

Many banks are offering personal loans to their customers with different rates of interest. If you are passing through such circumstances, then Citibank is perfect for you. You can apply for Citibank personal loans online or by calling a Citibank customer service representative. You can take a loan for the financing period of about 1 to 5 years.

Types of Citibank Personal Loans

There are major two categories of Citibank personal loan:

Low Rate Loans

Lower rate loans are at Least, of $10,000. If you want to get a lower rate loan, then you must have the Citibank deposit account for repayment.

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Higher Rate Loans

If you take a loan for less than $10,000 than you have to pay higher rates. There are some major factors that determine rate on your loan. Rates are normally depends upon the amount of loan you borrow. The rates become better as you borrow more. The rates also depend upon the amount of loan approved and your credit history.

Features of CitiBank Personal Loans

There are lots of features of Citibank Personal Loan. Some of them are given below:

•    You can take loan for long periods of 12 to 60 months.

•    You can get loans starting from $2,000 to $50,000.

•    There are easy and equal monthly installments and there is no need to worry about the next monthly installment.

•    You also do not have to give excessive documents. You just need to give the attested copy of your ID Card and salary certificate. After approval, the cash would be at your doorstep.

Requirements for Applicants

If you are willing to apply for a Citibank personal loan then you should have following things:

•    You must need a Citibank deposit account that is opened for more than the time of 1 month.

•    You need a Citi credit card to apply for a personal loan.

•    It is necessary to make sure that you will have an income of $10,500 or more annually.

•    You also need to make sure that you have some balance in your Citibank account.

•    You should not have already Citibank personal loan account that is opened in the last 3 months.

Loan Applications Online For CitiBank Personal Loans

There is a very convenient method to apply for a Citibank personal loan. You need to fill application online.  You can get the application form at the website of Citibank After approval, you will receive a check of the approve amount within 5 working days. You can also get loans of $50,000 by calling a customer service representative.

Contact Information For Personal Loans by CitiBank

You can get more information about a Citibank personal loan by visiting their website Customer Service Representative Number is 1-877-362-9100.

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